English Menu


010 French Fries

011 Smiling Fries

012 Onion Rings

013 Mini Burgers
Four mini-burgers prepared with prato cheese, cheddar, buffalo mozzarela and emmenthal cheese, accompanied with BBQ sauce, Tex-mex sauce and Honey Mustard

014 Mini Hot Dogs
Four mini hot dogs prepared with prato cheese, accompanied with BBQ sauce, Tex-mex sauce and Honey Mustard

015 Cheese “pastéis”
Fried thin crust pies filled with canastra cheese


049 Green Salad

049 Green Salad
Mix lettuces, tomatoes, carrots and palm heart

050 Caesar Salad
Lettuce, croutons, parmesan cheese and Caesar dressing

051 Chicken Caesar Salad
Caesar salad with smoked chicken

052 Carpaccio Salad 
Meat carpaccio, lettuce, honey sauce and parmesan cheese

053 French Salad
Lettuce, arugula, apricot, toast and breaded brie cheese


200 Steak Sandwich
Ciabatta bread, filet mignon and cheese, accompained with french fries

201 Steak Salad Sandwich
Hamburger bun, filet mignon, cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato, accompained with french fries

202 Grilled Chicken
Hamburger bun, chicken breast, cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato accompained with french fries203 Chicken LightCiabatta bread, ricotta cream and arugula

204 Salad Sandwich
Ciabatta bread, ricotta cream, carrots, lettuce and tomato

205 China Town
Hamburger bun, chicken breast, grilled pineapple and chinese sauce accompained with french fries

207 Roast Beef Sandwich
Ciabatta bread roast beef, mayonnaise lettuce and tomato208 Hot DogWith cheese and your choice of sauce (BBQ or Tex-mex or Honey Mustard), accompained with french fries

209 Ribs Sandwich
Round ciabatta bread grilled unboned pork ribs on BBQ sauce and lettuce accompained with french fries

Kids Meal

Hamburgers prepared with 100 gr of meat served with smiling fries

150 Mini Cheeseburger
Hamburger bun, hamburger and cheese

151 Mini Chickenburger
Hamburger bun, breaded chickenburger and cheese

Options & Extras

Bread no extra charge
Change your bread for a round ciabatta, an australian bread or a brioche

Angus extra charge
Change your hamburger for a 200gr Angus hamburger

Hipster no extra charge
Change your hamburger for a soyburger, a breaded chickenburger, a chickpeas burger or a swine burger

Potatoes  extra charge
Change your french fries for smiling fries or rustic potatoes

Onion extra charge
Change your french fries for onion rings

Salad extra charge
Change your french fries for a side caesar salad

+ Lettuce and tomato extra charge
+ Cheese extra charge
+ Sauce extra charge
+ Bacon extra charge
+ Guava BBQ extra charge


All of our hamburgers are prepared with 150 gr of beef and accompained with french fries

100 Classic Hamburger
Hamburger bun, hamburger

101 Classic Cheeseburger
Hamburger bun, hamburger and cheese

102 Green Peace
Hamburger bun, hamburger, cheese, special sauce, onions, lettuce and tomato

103 Eddie’s
Hamburger bun, hamburger, cheddar cheese, bacon, caramelized onions in BBQ sauce and lettuce

UPGRADE your Eddie´s to Eddie´s D.O.C. ……. extra charge
What is the difference? Your Eddie´s (103) will come with a 200g Angus hamburger, english cheddar, bacon, purple onion confit, guava BBQ and lettuce!

206 Jimmy´s Sanduwich
Australian bread, soyburger, avocado, Tex-mex sauce, lettuce and tomato

104 San Francisco
Hamburger bun, hamburger, cheese, marinated onions in soy sauce mayonnaise, lettuce and tomato

105 Italian Style
Hamburger bun, hamburger, buffalo mozzarela, arugula, mustard sauce and sun dry tomatoes

106 Tex-Mex
Hamburger bun, hamburger, cheese, Tex-mex sauce and lettuce

107 Montana
Hamburger bun, breaded chickenburger, catupiry cheese, lettuce and diced tomatoes

108 Fisherman
Australian bread, smoked salmonburger, sour cream, lettuce and tomato

109 Little Italy
Hamburger bun, hamburger, emmenthal cheese and mushrooms

110 Naples
Hamburger bun, breaded chickenburger, honey mustard sauce, lettuce and tomato

155 Mr. Pork
Hamburger bun, smoked pork burger, purple onion confit, cheese and lettuce


Special dishes, without bread, accompanied with french fries or green salad or Caesar salad

250 Giant
Hamburger prepared with 200 gr of Angus

251 Eddie’s Special
Grilled pork ribs with BBQ sauce

252 Texas
Grilled top sirloin

253 America
Grilled chicken breast

254 Bay Side
Grilled salmon

255 Long Island
Grilled Saint Peter


350 Brownie
Served with vanilla ice cream and chocolate on top

352 Cheesecake
Served with berry sauce

353 Banana Split
Chocolate, strawberry and vanilla ice cream, topped with  caramel, strawberry and chocolate frosting,  chantilly, cashew nut and banana

357 Açaí’s Banana Split
Açaí ice cream, granola and banana354 Sundae

355 Ice Cream
Chocolate, strawberry, vanilla or açaí

356 Apple Pie
Hot apple cake with caramel on top, served with vanilla icecream


Super Milkshakes
300 Vanilla
301 Chocolate
302 Strawberry
303 Ovomaltine

305 Special Nutella Milkshake

307 Peanut Shake
Peanut butter special milkshake

306 Açaí Shake


000 Soft drinks
532 Orange Juice
533 Swiss Lemonade
000 Squeezed lemon
542 Ice Tea
540 Tonic
541 Citrus
550 Mineral water
542 H20
543 Coconut water
534 Can juice
000 Full grape juice

505 Caipirinha Vale Verde
505 Caipirinha Vale Verde
504 Caipivodka Smirnoff
506 Caipivodka Absolut
000 Gin and Tonic
000 Jack n Coke

500 Draft beer Stella Artois (300ml)
502 Long Neck beer
512 Whisky 8 years – shot
514 Whisky 12 years – shot

700 Expresso
704 Expresso with cream
705 Capuccino

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